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The Private Sector Innovation Programme for Health (PSP4H)

With funding from UKAid, Cardno Emerging Markets Ltd and its partners are implementing an innovative programme in Kenya exploring the markets in which poor people pay for-profit providers and shop-keepers for healthcare. The overall objective of the PSP4H programme is to learn lessons of how a market systems approach might benefit pro-poor health interventions. PSP4H is based on principles from the Making Markets Work for the Poor (M4P) approach and will share evidence with both Kenyan and international health stakeholders on the validity of this approach for pro-poor health programme design.

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Featured Report

Innovation Uptake in Pro-Poor Health Markets.

This report captures the healthcare innovations discovered through the on-going course of PSP4H’s implementation and highlights the innovations that have worked, what did not work and explore how these innovations have gone beyond their original interventions and been replicated in different health market areas and in the East African region.

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Frequently Downloaded Reports

Research Report 

Successes and Failures in Health Market Systems Interventions: Learnings from PSP4H in Kenya

This report documents aspects of implementing market systems interventions in healthcare that worked, or – equally important – did not work. As a research programme, PSP4H has the luxury of documenting failures as well as successes without jeopardizing the programme’s credibility as an implementer. This is particularly important in emerging healthcare market areas such as healthcare finance and mobile/e-health where evidence is scant.

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Policy Brief 

M4P and UHC: How M4P in Health Supports Development Policy Objectives and Universal Health Coverage

This brief explores how the M4P (Making Markets Work for the Poor) approach to technical assistance, previously untested in the healthcare sector, reinforces development policy objectives both in health and economic growth, supporting the path to universal health coverage (UHC).

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Implementation Series 

Engaging the Private Sector in Health Market Systems Development

PSP4H’s experience indicates partner engagement as fundamental to programmatic success. Choosing the most appropriate partners proves at least as important, or possibly more important, than completing a comprehensive analysis.

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Case Study 

How Embracing Mobile Technology Has Led to ‘Afya Poa’ For Kenya’s Informal Sector Workers

Relying on credit or borrowing money from family or friends to pay for healthcare treatment is all too common for many of Kenya’s 8 million informal sector workers, known as the Jua Kali sector. They are further affected by the ‘poverty penalty’, having to pay multiple times for healthcare from progressively more expensive and formal service providers as the initial lower-cost services from informal operators did not properly diagnose and/or treat the illness. That is all changing thanks to the introduction of Afya Poa.

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