Kenya’s Economic Growth

The Impact Of The Internet On Kenya’s Economic Growth

When it comes to internet technology, one may think of it as having a globally adopted technology. While we now see most countries moving up the trail of the internet, there still are some nations who have just stepped in. That’s the reason why these countries still have to struggle with regards to IT developments. Nonetheless, despite being slow, they haven’t halted their efforts keeping in view the positive changes the internet brings to them. One such country is Kenya.

Kenya and Tech-driven life

Located in a region famous as being the “dark continent” – that is, Africa, Kenya is one of those African countries that started enjoying a tech-driven life lately. Unlike another African country South Africa, Kenya isn’t fortunate to get itself established as a prominent nation from early times. Nonetheless, the technological stance of this country has sufficiently stabilized during the past few years – particularly regarding the internet.

Rise in Economic and Tech Growth

Between the years 2000 and 2015, Kenya experienced a revolution in its economy mainly because of digitization. The period gave rise to a number of products, services, and technologies in the country. The country has also attracted various internet services to consider including Kenya in their operation lists. For instance, just like one can easily find a good South Africa VPN free, one can also find Kenya VPN services too. Besides, mobile broadband, WiMAX and fiber optic networks triggered a rapid prevalence of internet technology at a national level.

In 2015, Kenya flaunted as one of the most internet-linked countries holding an internet userbase of 30 million. This year onward, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of internet subscribers and data consumption. Consequently, it has helped the country’s telecom giants earn more revenue. For instance, Safaricom – the largest service provider in Kenya, experienced a rise in its mobile data revenue from $90.7 million in fiscal FY 2013/14 to $144.4 million in FY 2014/15.

For an efficient, effortless, and effective progress towards technological and economic development, the country is certainly relying largely on the internet. The nation has crafted a dedicated economic development strategy ‘Kenya Vision 2030’ that focuses on the BPO industry, e-commerce, and improved domestic security.

Surely, Kenya’s efforts towards tech developments have escalated the adaptation of online businesses and greater mobile subscription among the people. Moreover, it has also favored the integration of the internet with other sectors that further improves the cumulative economic growth.

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