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Pharmnet: Lessons from developing a sustainable community retail pharmacy network in Kenya

The distinctive blue and white facades of Pharmnet branded pharmacies clustered in and around Nairobi and Mombasa are fast becoming beacons of quality assurance. As a network of accredited pharmacies, the Pharmnet umbrella branding provides access to quality-assured, affordable medicines and healthcare advice for surrounding communities. Pharmnet is currently piloting a new marketing strategy and […]

The case for M4P in the healthcare sector

Development funders can make better use of market systems approaches in the healthcare sector The for-profit private sector cannot be ignored if the overall healthcare system is to function well. Take Kenya, where healthcare spending is dominated by the private sector: according to World Development Indicators 61.9% of health expenditure is private, and most low income […]

Lessons from implementing a market systems approach in the health sector

How can poor health consumers and commercial providers both benefit from the private sector? Globally, the private healthcare sector complements the extensive work done by the public health sector. For a country to achieve its health goals and attain its intended impact on the population, a comprehensive strategy for the delivery of healthcare should be […]