Implementation Series

PSP4H generates “how-to” implementation notes for development practitioners on an ongoing basis. The implementation notes are available for download below. We encourage use of and reference to our materials and ask that you respect copyright by properly citing PSP4H as the source of any materials taken from this web site.

Engaging the Private Sector in Health Market Systems Development

PSP4H’s experience indicates partner engagement as fundamental to programmatic success. Choosing the most appropriate partners proves at least as important, or possibly more important, than completing a comprehensive analysis.

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​​Practical Intervention Logic – The Results Chain “Cheat Sheet”

PSP4H has developed a worksheet called the Results Chain “Cheat Sheet” to help intervention managers conceptualize intervention logic in advance of investing a huge amount of time in a concept.

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​​Intervention Screening

Prior to devoting substantial resources to developing and implementing the intervention concept, compliance with programme objectives must be assured. Potential interventions must be screened systematically before proceeding. This implementation note elaborates a screening model that tests for relevance, impact, engagement, and do no harm.

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​​A Systemic Approach to M4P

PSP4H developed and follows a uniform intervention process for its day-to-day technical activities. Potential interventions proceed through a discrete series of steps to assure that they are based on sound logic and comply with M4P principles and accepted measurement standards. This implementation note provides a series of steps on an M4P intervention process flow.

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