• Pharmnet – A network of branded retail pharmacies

The Problem

  • Lower income groups in Kenya suffer from poor quality medicines due to:
    • o A highly fragmented and inadequately regulated retail pharmacy sector o Counterfeit and substandard drugs in the market
    • o Proliferation of unlicensed outlets operated by unqualified personnel
  • Private drug sellers are often the first point of healthcare contact for low-income Kenyans
  • Currently, consumers cannot differentiate unqualified, unlicensed outlets from qualified, licensed ones

Business Model for Intervention

The Solution, Facilitated by DFID

  • DFID-funded PSP4H is assisting the Kenya Pharmaceutical Association (KPA) to improve access to quality essential medicines among low income groups in Kenya through development of a branded retail pharmacy network called Pharmnet
  • This commercial retail model organizes private providers as owners of their own pharmacies into a network that delivers medicines under a common brand, with a promise of quality assurance
  •  Through pooled procurement, Pharmnet members will have reliable access to quality assured essential medicines from pre-qualified suppliers
  • Ensuring that these outlets stock quality medicines that are dispensed by qualified pharmaceutical personnel will greatly improve health outcomes for low income Kenyans

Intervention Partner

  • KPA is an association of pharmaceutical technologists that are licensed to operate retail pharmacies by Pharmacy & Poisons Board
  • Pharmaceutical technologists jointly own and operate about two-thirds of all retail pharmacies in Kenya, or nearly 3,000 pharmacies countrywide
  • Pharmaceutical technologists typically operate retail pharmacies located in informal settlements and rural areas, where the working poor reside

Expected Impact

  • Pharmnet will be piloted in Nairobi and Mombasa in the next 12 months and will involve 200 KPA member pharmacies
  • During the pilot phase, these 200 Pharmnet pharmacies will reach approximately 2.1 million Kenyans with quality essential medicines
  • Post-pilot, Pharmnet will be scaled up nationwide and member outlets will reach millions more
  • This will dramatically increase low income people’s access to quality medicines through distinguishable outlets, at minimal cost to DFID