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Case Studies

How Working Together Will Benefit Maternal Health in Kilifi County

How Embracing Mobile Technology Has Led to ‘Afya Poa’ For Kenya’s Informal Sector Workers

Looking Towards A Brighter Future – Making World Class Eyecare Affordable and Accessible to All

GSK: Quality, Affordable Asthma Treatment for Kenya’s Low-income Communities

Pharmnet: A Sustainable Community Retail Pharmacy Network in Kenya

Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital: Public-Private Partnership for Improved Customer Care

AfyaPoa: An Innovative Micro Health Insurance Product for Kenya’s Informal Workers

Community Midwives: Addressing Rural Kenya’s Maternal Healthcare Gap

City Eye Hospital: Affordable, Quality Eye Care for Low-Income Kenyans

PSK Tunza Clinics: Unleashing the Entrepreneurial Spirit – Business Skills Training

Live Well (Formely known as Viva Afya) – Network Effects and Scaling Up


“Competitive Advantage of Brand Generic Products through Entry Strategies Adopted by Multinational Pharmaceutical Companies in Kenya”.

“Country Profile: Kenya. Overview of Kenya’s Health System”.

“Diagnosis: Overrated. An Analysis of the Structural Flaws in the NHS”.

“Factors Affecting the Performance of Public-Private Partnership in Healthcare Projects in Kenya: A Case Study of the Ministry of Health, Nairobi”.

“Fixes, Failures, and Facilitation: Diagnosing Problems and Opportunities in Health Intervention”.

“Health Systems as Industrial Policy: Building Collaborative Capabilities in the Tanzanian and Kenyan Health Sectors and Their Local Suppliers”.

“Impact Evaluations for Market Systems Programmes”.

“Increasing Access to Essential Health Commodities and Services”

“Making Medicines in Africa. The Political Economy of Industrializing for Local Health”.

“Practicing Strategy: Text and Cases 2nd Edition”

“Strategic Partnerships in Kenya’s Health Sector”.

“The Feasibility of a Shared Data System in the Kenyan Medical Insurance Sector as a Means to Reduce Fraud”.

“Translatable Lessons from the Kenyan Healthcare Landscape”.

Implementation Series

Engaging the Private Sector in Health Market Systems Development

​​Practical Intervention Logic – The Results Chain “Cheat Sheet”

​​Intervention Screening

A Systemic Approach to M4P

Intervention Research

Assessing the Feasibility of Implementing a Private Sector Model on Uptake of Maternal Health Services in Selected Sites in Western Kenya.

Community Perception of Maternal and Child Health Services among Low-Income Populations in Nairobi, Kenya; the Case of Jacaranda Health.

An Assessment of Pooled Procurement for Tunza Providers.

Market Research for Nairobi Eye Hospital (NEH) to Increase Access to Eye Care Services for the Working Poor in Nairobi and its Environs.

A Study to Examine Uptake and Performance of Asthma Medicines among Low Income Populations in Three Counties in Kenya.

Ring Fence Health Spend for M-Health Solution.


Policy Briefs

M4P and UHC: How M4P in Health Supports Development

Filling Information Gaps with Market Research

What Prevents Kenya’s Counties from Implementing Public-Private Partnerships in Health?

Applying M4P in the Healthcare Sector: A Primer for Policymakers

Tapping into Potential Consumer Groups: Knowing Your Client

Health Spending Behaviour among Low Income Consumers in Kenya

​​The Case for M4P in Health

Key Factors in Low Cost Healthcare Delivery

The M4P ‘Donut’ for Health Market in Kenya

Health Care Financing: Community Based Insurance Schemes

​​Challenges Confronting Private Health Providers In Kenya: Guidance for Policy Makers

Pooled Procurement

Innovative Market Solutions for the Private Pharmaceutical Supply Chain in Kenya

Global Experience in Private Healthcare Financing


Health Seeking Behaviour

​Poverty Definition

The Poverty Penalty

Qualitative Research on Private Health Sector’s Ability to Serve the Working Poor

What Constitutes a For-Profit Health Care Provider


Relevant Literature

Advancing Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) Access to Healthcare: A Case Study on Mobile Money Platforms

Health Insurance Participation: Experimental Evidence from Kenya

Kenya County Report for African Health Markets for Equity (AHME) for Demand Side Health Financing

Kenya Financial Diaries – Shilingi kwa Shilingi – The Financial Lives Of The Poor

Can Working with the Private For-Profit Sector Improve Utilization of Quality Health Services by the Poor?

Delivering High Quality, Low Cost Care at Scale

The Primary Care Innovator’s Handbook

Diagnostic Assessment of Kenya’s Family Planning Market

Translatable Lessons from the Kenyan Healthcare Landscape

Extending Health Services to the Poor through the Private Sector

Making Health Markets Work for the Poor: Improving Performance

Strengthening Health Outcomes through the Private Sector Project

Kenya’s Changing Healthcare Industry and the Evolving Role of the Pharmaceutical Technologist

Bringing Medicines to Low-Income Markets – A Guide to Creating Inclusive Business Models for Pharmaceutical Companies

Insecticide Treated Nets: The Role of the Commercial Sector

Research Reports

Feedback from the Field: Insights into PSP4H Interventions from the Partners’ Perspective

Lessons for Future Health and M4P Programming

Successes and Failures in Health Market Systems Interventions: Learnings from PSP4H in Kenya

Documentation of a Cross-Subsidy Cost Recovery Model: Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital (RUNH) Case Study

Lessons Learnt by the Private Sector Innovation Programme for Health (PSP4H) – Midterm Report

Research into Policy and Practice: How Markets and Pro-Poor Health Interventions Targeting the Private Health Sector Can Work for Poor People in Kenya

Understanding the India Low Cost Model of Healthcare Delivery: A Review of the Literature

A Comparative Analysis of Health Markets and Private For-Profit, Pro-Poor Interventions in East Africa

The Kenyan Poor and Their Use of the Private Health Sector

Formative Survey of the Private Health Sector in Kenya

A Study on Sustainability Outcomes of Donor-funded Healthcare Programmes

Comparing Kenya’s Private Health Finance Markets with Neighbouring Markets

Study of the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain in Kenya

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