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Labnet Featured in Business Daily

Labnet features in the story “Private sector labs link up to offer better services and greater reach” in Business Daily, Kenya’s leading business journal, published 2nd February 2016. “Its focus is to strengthen the private sector’s laboratories to deliver quality and affordable services, especially to low income groups.” To access the article click on the photo

Labnet at UMLTA Conference, Masaka, Uganda

PSP4H and AKMLSO presented Labnet at the 33rd Scientific Conference of the Uganda Medical Laboratory Technology Association (UMLTA) in Masaka, Uganda, from 19th to 21st November 2015.

Labnet Launched Throughout East Africa

Members of the East African Medical Laboratory Technologists Federation representing Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda signed an MOU agreeing to expand the Labnet network of quality assured medical laboratories to their respective countries. The signing took place on 15th October 2015 at the AKMLSO 22nd Annual Scientific Conference in Kakamega.

Labnet Officially Opened by Kakamega CEC for Health Services

The Labnet network of quality assured independent medical laboratories launched at the AKMLSO 22nd Annual Scientific Conference in Kakamega on 14 October 2015. Honorable Chief Guest the Kakamega County CEC for Health Services cut the ribbon opening Labnet’s model laboratory.

Labnet Launch

PSP4H in partnership with AKMLSO launched Labnet in the Kenyan market on 14th October 2015. “Every Kenyan deserves quality and affordable medical diagnostics.” Labnet is a viable solution.