What We Do

Market Research

PSP4H conducts extensive market research of the Kenyan health care market - its segments, value chains, players and delivery mechanisms on the supply side, as well as the economic behavior of working poor health care consumers on the demand side - to provide information that will drive pro-poor investment by the private sector.

We conducted primary research to gain new insights; synthesize existing knowledge and practice from Kenya and the region via secondary and tertiary research; and ​conducts action research to provide direct evidence about the viability of pro-poor private sector market approaches. Knowledge gained and lessons learned from research is shared with the community of practice.

Pilot Projects

PSP4H is facilitating a portfolio of pilot interventions in partnership with private sector operators and investors to explore innovative, sustainable pro-poor approaches to health care delivery. The team works with on-going private sector initiatives to determine if they are financially viable and scalable, and also helps initiate new models.

Risk Sharing

PSP4H offers private sector players an opportunity to explore areas where the risk exposure may be too high or there is too little information to make an informed investment decision - when it is too risky for a private sector investor to guess and too expensive to experiment. The programme will partner to underwrite market innovations and share some of the risks with the private sector.

Innovation Centre

PSP4H serves as an innovation centre for private health sector investors with innovative ideas. The objective is to foster sustainable health care business models that are 'win-win' – profitable for business while delivering better value to the working poor.​